¡Hola! Hej! 안녕! – How to learn a Language in Edinburgh. Part I: Courses

There is hardly any place that is more international than Edinburgh. With over 140 different nationalities, the university is highly multicultural – and multilingual. As a language enthusiast, you could not ask for a more inspiring and enriching environment to learn a language. There are two ways to do it.

First, a huge range of language courses and second, the tandem programme of the students’ association (EUSA). In this blog post, I shall introduce the former.

Language Courses

The “classic” Language Course

No matter if you want to learn something new or extend your knowledge of a specific language – the Centre for open Learning offers the right course for you. Besides the popular ones like Spanish, Chinese or French, you can also learn Scottish Gaelic or British Sign Language. With a student discount of 33%, these courses are absolutely affordable and your money will be spent on something useful and fun.

More info here.

Free Language Tasters

Not sure if you want to learn a new language? Give it a shot in a taster class! You can take these courses at the beginning of every semester, they take six weeks and, most importantly, they are absolutely free. A great way to try out something new without any risk whatsoever!

More info here.

University Lectures

There’s also a broad range of introductory level language lectures that you can take as part of your university studies, i.e you get credit points for these courses. This is the best option if you have some credits left which you want to spend sensibly. To search for courses, check the course catalogue.

Academic English Courses

If you don’t have much language competence in terms of academic writing or giving oral presentations, don’t worry! With their special language courses for visiting students, the university ensures that you will succeed with your studies. There are both credit- and non-credit bearing courses to choose from.

More info here and here.

My Experiences

I’m taking a Spanish course at the Centre for Open Learning this semester. The lessons are a lot of fun and our teacher is fab. We are reading a nice novel and also, there is the opportunity to attend free film screenings in Spanish outside of classes. These courses are open to everyone which means that you might end up with a bunch of elderly people. This happened to me, but in fact, this is pretty cool.

No matter what language you want to learn and how you want to learn it – the university offers the right course for you. Take advantage of these great opportunities!

Read Part II – Tandem


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